The village


Department of Ariege, District of Foix, Canton of Les Cabannes Altitude : 575 m
Altitude : 575 m

The village of GARANOU is located on the road axis TARASCON - AX LES THERMES, covers an area of 315ha at 575m and has 189 inhabitants. The village of GARANOU has existed since the Middle Ages. Its castle and its bridge spanning the Ariège river, testify to this ancient period. GARANOU constituted, at the time, the outposts in the valley, of the castle of Lordat. In the past, the agricultural activity was intense, a slate quarry was exploited there. Today, the economic activity is mainly linked to the resource of the Talc of Luzenac of which a part of the company is on the Commune. The other activities are the hotel business, the green tourism and the craft industry.

The pleasant setting of this village, near the river Ariège, with its plane trees over a hundred years old at the crossroads of the country footpaths, offers a peaceful place to live to its inhabitants or its tourist friends.

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